Allow me to introduce myself…My name is Nicola D’Amico. I was born and raised in Mola Di Bari…a small fishing town located on the Adriatic coast of southern Italy. I have countless fond memories of the love of family and friends; and of course, the most delicious and exquisite food! My father, whom I honored and respected greatly, taught and trained me to follow in the example of his upstanding character. He was clearly a man of great integrity, and treated others with honor and respect. A standard that I strive for in my everyday life and that you will experience at D’Amico Printing & Graphics.

The Italian family culture is true to its reputation…we are passionately dedicated to every member of our family. And, of course, it’s never limited to just the immediate family alone; but, extends to every uncle; aunt; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousin (lots and lots of cousins); and, of course, every “in-law”, who is always most certainly grafted in. At every opportunity, we would gather as many of our family members together, to wine, dine, and enjoy each other’s company. Our clients often become our friends; and, as they say: “friends are the family you choose”.

While I was in my early 20s, my life changed forever…I fell in love with the most beautiful young woman, who, at the time, was visiting her family that Scan 6lived in my own home town! Well, to make a delightfully long story short, I followed her back to her home…The United States of America…The Land of Opportunity! It was here in San Diego, California, that I made her, Anna, my bride. 33 years later, our love is even much richer than those years ago!

A Bit About D’Amico Printing & Graphics:
Shortly after arriving in the U.S., my father in-law, who was a “chef’s chef”, apprenticed me for a number of years, in his restaurant. Still, after all these years, cooking for family and friends always gives me such a great satisfaction and fulfillment. In 1984, Anna and I, began our first business, D’Amico Printing & Graphics. Transitioning from the restaurant business, I started out creating logo designs and brokering jobs for printing. One thing lead to another, and I ventured into purchasing and learning to operate my first offset printing press! The journey had begun! Now, almost 30 years later, I have learned, by determination, and hard work, the “ins & outs” of a very complicated and competitive industry.

Coming from a passionate culture of strong family values and old world ethics, be assured, these same values and convictions are honored at D’Amico Printing & Graphics. With each project that is completed, we meet the highest standard for quality work while maintaining competitive rates. It is our utmost goal that our every client be treated with warmth & respect…my team invites you into my culture. Allow me, along with my team, to take care of your printing needs with personalized service, “Italian Style”! Let us make you feel like one of the family!


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Nicola D’Amico